Oh, it’s you!

One night, while sitting around a campfire at a private resort, I was thrilled to be talking with a very handsome young man. I had noticed him the previous day, and was quite smitten. We sat and talked for quite some time and, to my joy, he propped his feet on my legs. Have I mentioned I have a thing for feet? So I was rubbing his feet and feeling oh so happy!  I decided I wanted to go to walk into the bar near us to dance a bit, so left the hottie at the fire. When I came back outside, he was gone. 

Between dancing, and having given that sexy man a foot rub, I was quite horny.  I decided to go for a walk in the woods to see if I could find somebody to help satiate my desire.  As I walked along a path in the moonlight, I came upon a small group of men in action. As I got closer, I saw that my sexy foot guy was on his knees sucking the dick of one of the men as the other stood right next to him jacking off. The man getting blown came pretty quickly, so my thirsty friend moved to the other man’s cock. Alas, after quite some time, that man admitted he had had to much to drink, and wouldn’t be able to finish. Him and his friend left, leaving me alone with foot guy!

It was my turn now, the man was on a roll and who was I to deny him this? He sucked me for just a little bit before stopping, looking up to me and asking, “you wanna fuck?”  Sure I did. I had spent the last couple decades being almost exclusively a bottom, so it was high time to fulfill my fantasy of being a top! He stood, bent over with his hands on a picnic table, and let me in! It was so hot, and we both let one another know quite loudly, just how much we we’re enjoying this time together. When we were done, he offered me a beer off the table, and as I popped the can open, he looked at my face I. The moonlight and said, “Oh, it’s you!”

Akward! We ended up hanging out a bit more that weekend and some subsequent weekends as well! While I just knew he recognized me from the start, it was funny in the end (no pun intended) to realize that wasn’t the case.  What an adventure!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lin says:

    Love it! Looking forward to reading more. Much more… 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sillyslutboy says:

    Thanks, Lin! There’s definitely more where that came from!


  3. jselim says:

    I love it! Even the awkardness. Especially since I can relate to cruising but hey, you got a friend out of it so sounds like a win-win situation!


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