Since yesterday’s SINday post would have been in Xmas, I decided to postpone it by a day. Here’s this week’s SINday awkward sexiness! Use the comments to let me know how you’re liking the blog!

One night, I was walking in my favorite naughty woods looking for some action. It was a slow night but I passed one man walking the other way. We stopped, sizing one another up in the dark, by feel, sound, smell. I was interested, and thought he surely was too. So I walked off in the direction I had been going, hoping he would follow. He did! But wait, he walked by me, and passed me up by about 10 feet! I walked towards him, and he walked toward me, groping my body, but then kept going the opposite direction! I thought, ooh, a game of chase, what fun! This continued for about 10 more minutes: him following me, me following him, passing one another by, and on and on. By this time, the game was getting a bit old, though. It had been hot and sexy and really turned me on. The guys walked toward me again, this time stopping, and leaning in to me, and whispered in my ear “dude, just stop, OK?” He turned and walked away deeper into the woods. I was devastated! Did I pick up his signals totally wrong? If he hadn’t been into the game, then why the hands? Why keep coming my direction? It was so awkward simply because I had been convinced we had something mutually fun going on, but now I just felt like a creep. Needless to say, I was done for the night!


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