No scrubs (in the closet)

I recently tried hooking up with a guy I met on an app (Scruff, for the curious). We had been chatting for over a month, and I was horny with a bit of free time on my hands one night, so went for it! 

He was a hot young Cuban dude, and spoke very limited English. When we finally met, we decided to meet at a busy Wawa and from there hopefully go dancing. When we met, I was blown away by his hotness! He asked if we could go to his place first, and despite the fact that we hadn’t originally agreed to that, I was all for it.

We drove a few blocks to a small apartment complex where he asked me to park in back. Once parked, he stretched back and spread his legs. I reached over to feel his leg (nice), and he grabbed my hand, placing it down his pants. I stroked his cock for a few seconds as he reached over to free mine from my pants. We continued jacking one another off for a couple minutes, and while not ideal, there was something strangely erotic about it. Sex in cars, danger of exposure, and a hot guy make for one hell of a sexy time. 

Suddenly, his ringtone went off. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and quickly told me to turn the stereo off and be quiet. “Mommy?” He said into the phone, and talked to her briefly in Spanish. I’m not fluent in the language but I can typically pick up the main points of sentences. He told her he was almost home and would be right in, basically. He told me he had to go but wanted to meet up the next morning at McDonalds. Umm, random car play with a hot but clearly closeted scrub? No, than you! Such a disappointment, we could have had such fun together.

That, boiz and gurls, is the one and only time I’ve attempted to hook up with a guy from a sex app! Be sure to leave your comments below and have your friends stop by!

Until next time,



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