When I was 19, I lived in a small town with no organized or visible gay community, so I had few gay friends around me.  Sexual encounters were a very rare thing in my life at that time.

There was a local adult bookstore that I had been to several times before, and enjoyed going back to the video booth to masturbate to the movies. Being a creature of habit, I had always used the same booth.

One day, my usual booth was occupied, so I went into another one. I started the movie and then noticed that there was a glory hole connecting to the booth next door! A quick peek in the hole showed that nobody was there. I was so excited over my discovery. I had seen glory holes in many a movie, but never actually imagine seeing one in real life! Suddenly, I hear the door open in the booth next-door. I peaked through the whole to watch the crotch of a man right at I level as he entered coins into his booth, and started watching his movie. I then continued to watch as he rubbed his growing bulge, and then took his hard cock out to stroke. This little peep show went on for a few minutes, and I was so hot I was ready to burst! The man moved closer to the hole and before I knew it, his dick was in my face. What’s a guy to do when faced with a gorgeous hot cock? Why, suck it, of course!

As I was sucking this man off, be pulled out of the hole, and his hand came through with a tiny bottle. He said, “here, have some,” and put his dick back through. I had no idea what this bottle waters, so I uncapped it smelled it, and it smelled strange. I thought maybe it was some kind of Luber warming liquid, so I poured some out onto my hand and rubbed it on his cock, and then went back to sucking him. Holy shit, that stuff tasted awful! I’m a trooper though and finished the job anyway. I gave him his bottle back, and he left.

Later that week, I relayed the story to one of my few local gay friends. He immediately burst out in maniacal laughter at me. I asked what the hell was so funny, and he said “the dude gave you poppers, you’re supposed to inhale the vapors!” Awkward!!

So, that, boyz and gurlz, was my first experience with both poppers and glory holes. As always, leave me comments, and tell your friends to stop by!

Until next time,



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