Three’s Company

My first threesome. I remember the events leading up to it well, even though it was more than two decades ago! I was about to start my freshman year in college, and was living with a relative while I got to know the local gay community. I made a lot of friends, including an older couple who weren’t really part of the university crowd, but central in the circle of friends I was making. We spent a lot of time at their house, cookouts, movie nights, and the like. One afternoon, the younger of the two stopped by my place to see if I was interested in hanging out and smoking some weed. Of course I was down for fun, so off we went!

We got to his place and shared a joint. Before I knew what was happening, we were making out pretty heavily. We ended up in his bed exploring one another’s flesh! I was lubed up and about to bottom for him when we heard a door clothes and his partner announce “honey I’m home!”

Oh shit, what had I gotten myself into! My seducer ran into the living room to greet his partner, who instantly got flirtatious thinking he had walked in on his partner masturbating. I was frozen in fear, could not move or think enough to even try to hide. They were heading toward the bedroom, what was I going to do? When he turned the corner and saw me, he gasped and ran to the living room, followed by his partner. I snapped out of my shock and started to get dressed as I listened to the two of them argue. As I entered the living room hanging my head low, I heard the younger man exclaim “but he’s got such a sweet cock, I’ll bet you would love it!”

Hmm, now things were taking a turn towards the better! What felt like utter hell just moments ago now held sweet erotic promise. We all sat on the couch and talked things out. Talk led to nakedness, and more flesh on flesh fun. They laid me on my back on the floor, and the older man rode my cock until I came. The feeling of being inside a man was new to me, but beyond blissful! It was so incredible, and actually two firsts for me: my first threesome and my first time topping! 

Sadly, there was a lot of drama that took place because of that day, but I always felt it was a worthwhile venture. It wasn’t until I was older and wiser that I realized these guys had totally set me up with a classic “honey I’m home” role play game, I honestly did not realize the setup back then!

Until next time,



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